Tiffany Lock Bracelet Instructions

Re-envisioning the idea of a padlock, an important motif from The Tiffany Archives, Tiffany Lock is a symbol of togetherness and inclusivity. The bracelets in the collection feature a unique clasp that took our artisans over one year to develop. Follow the instructions below for the correct way to open and close your Tiffany Lock bracelet. 
Your bracelet should only be opened and closed from the notch.

Step 1

To open, locate the notch indicated by a small indent. 

Step 2

Place one hand on each side of the notch and gently pull outward.

Step 3

Put the bracelet on with the notch under your wrist. Using your wrist for tension, carefully pull outward from the notch.

Step 4

To close, swivel the two ends together and release to click into place. 

At Your Service

If you require further assistance with a Tiffany Lock bracelet or need help with a purchase, please reach out to a Tiffany Client Advisor.