Blue Book 2024: Tiffany Céleste

Our newest high jewellery collection is a mesmerising journey through the cosmos, inspired by legendary Tiffany & Co. designer Jean Schlumberger. Reimagining his iconic celestial motifs, each piece juxtaposes custom-cut diamonds and coloured gemstones with unique shapes and visions.

An Infinite Source of Inspiration

The latest Blue Book collection by Tiffany & Co. Chief Artistic Officer Nathalie Verdeille draws from designer Jean Schlumberger’s repertoire of cosmic creations, reinterpreting them into exquisite new masterworks.

“Blue Book 2024: Tiffany Céleste is an odyssey to outer space that pays homage to some of Jean Schlumberger’s greatest masterworks.”


—Nathalie Verdeille, Tiffany & Co. Chief Artistic Officer, Jewellery and High Jewellery

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